Educational game for children teaches them to manage everyday tasks and brings you plenty of extra time

"I am thrilled! Our two-year-old has never been as "disciplined" as now. I hope he will stay like that for a long time. I really thank you for a great tool to help us manage our hyperactive kiddo quite smoothly without any unnecessary temper tantrums.”

Martina, Karel and little Ondrej

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Imagine a morning when you make yourself your favourite coffee, and in a moment, all you hear is a sound of little footsteps somewhere in the hallway.                                                                      The home is peaceful. You haven't experienced this for a long time.

And while you prepare breakfast, your three-year-old gets up, goes to the bathroom, gets dressed and comes to you without you saying a single word - just good morning.

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"Give your children freedom for decision making, support their independence and help them to do so by visualization and planning. You will see the difference in one day."

Kidedu My Day is an original educational game for children. 

It comes out of the Montessori method and structured learning. 

It's a children's version of TO-DO list for adults and it has already been successfully used in hundreds of households and kindergartens. 

The whole system of the game gives the child the ability to orientate in time and organize their day. 

Thanks to the visualization of daily routine activities, the child learns to manage them independently (without being reminded by adults). 

Assembling to the time slots (stories) stimulates imagination and supports the child's ability to express themselves and stimulates their memory. 

Your Child Will Learn:

  • to manage activities like dressing, washing hands, tyding up toys, etc.
  • to orientate in time (morning, noon, evening) and follow the sequence of events (before, after) by visualization
  • to make decisions independently and take responsibility for their actions

How Will Kidedu Help You?

It will help you, mums and dads, to cope with defiance..

Because it's not a period of defiance but a period of self-awareness. A period when the child starts to separate from "the umbilical cord" and starts getting control of their world. 

If we support this process appropriately, it becomes also easier for us as parents or teachers. 

It works. Miraculously quickly and easily. 

How it Works?

You and your child go through all the pictures together, give a name to the shaggy boy (we call him Eddie) or to the long-haired princess. Together, you name the activity what he/she is doing right now and then you try to show what will, for example, Eddie's evening look like before he goes to bed. Put the cards in the right order in the stand, till you have the evening story done. When your child completes one of the activities, ask him/her to hide the card from the stand, eg. to the cloth bag. When your child understands the principle of the "game", he/she will start planning the activities by himself/herself. Moreover, the cards can be used in different ways. Your child can play with them randomly (hide and seek them in the apartment, invent new stories, take them to the activities (toilet or brushing teeth, etc.).

What Parents and Professionals Say:

I am thrilled! Our two-year-old Ondra has never been as "disciplined" as now. I hope it will stay like that for a long time. We also have to boast about finally getting rid of nappies thanks to Kidedu (yes, I know, it's embarrassing, but what can I do). We have been using Kidedu since Friday, it was more just getting familiar, Saturday we started full blast and no nappies from Sunday. Ondrej negotiates with me during the planning, but once everything is planned, it's non-negotiable. I truly thank you for a fantastic tool for managing our hyperactive kiddo quite smoothly and without any unnecessary temper tantrums.

Martina, Karel and little Ondrej

Our little Marie is 3,5 years old. Before she goes to bed in the evening, she puts the cards in the stand, and we read what she has been up to all day. Then we build a plan for the following day. Kidedu helps. Thanks to the cards, our little one remembers the whole day better and then it is easier for her to plan what she wants to do the following day. Thank you for inspiration.

Roman Pavlíkdaddy

I love the simplicity and tasteful design! And I appreciate the author's enthusiasm to share her experience and ideas with others even more. When I saw this tool for the first time, I instantly thought it uses the principles of structural learning, that come out of TEACCH programme. That is the world's most respected and most effective approach to children with autism. This method can be applied to all children as a tool for enforcing self-awareness ("I know what to expect") and autonomy ("I can make the decision"). For children with autism, a sophisticated motivational system is essential for learning, as these children often lack internally understood "why?"

Magdaléna HolubováSpecial pedagogy teacher and therapist focusing on children with autism, crisis intervention and expressive therapy, co-founder of Purpura, z.s. and initiator of Galaxie Gallery (

When Nela started going to kindergarten, I thought this was perfect. She had a pile of cards with activities she needed to do in the morning before we left prepared on the table, and she was putting them in the stand once the activities were done. There are three stands in the pack, so plenty of space for planning. Hence, for us, it is not about learning how to plan the day, but the opposite. It works like Nela's To-Do list, she marks the activity as completed by putting the cards in the stand.

Míša KnězkováThe author of blog, mum, doctor

Our two-year-old is yet too small for planning, but he enjoys putting the cards in the stand and then taking them out. But I wanted Kindedu also for myself because I have quite issues with organizing my day.

Aneta Dupontmum

The first time I've heard the tip to draw daily rituals was when I attended the course Respect and Be Respected, and I thought what a wonderful simplification of the whole daily process. Therefore, I am glad someone made a tool for this. I will be happily recommending the set of cards Kidedu to the parents, who feel lost with their little children, because this method definitely works.

Milan StudničkaPsychologist, psychotherapist, sportsman,

The Pack Contains:

  • A set of 21 cards (15 activities with a girl or with a boy): sleeping, dressing, brushing teeth, WC, washing hands, 3 x eating, toys, activity with other children, outdoor activity, crafting, cooking, having a bath, reading children stories
  • 4 extra cards for customizing
  • Set of 3 pieces of a wooden stand (solid wood, no surface finish or colouring
  • Drawstring bag made of Czech cotton fabric

Kidedu is For:

  • Pre-school children and their parents
  • Teachers in kindergartens
  • Teachers of foreign languages working with children aged 3-10 years old. (It helps with naming activities in a foreign language, to tell a story, to use time sequence, to learn tenses)
  • Special education teachers working with children with various disorders (developmental dysphasia, autism) there is no age limit

Kidedu My Day

The price of a complete set:

640 Kč

ATTENTION: Last pieces just shipped, next sets will be ready for shipping in late September. You can still order. Please, also select the shipping item (according to the number of pieces) in your order. Shipping (postage) is only 50 CZK / 1 set. We ship packages every Tuesday or Wednesday.

About The Author of The Game:

Štěpánka Vontrobová

I am a mum of 2 children (older Max and younger Amálka). I had aspirations becoming a teacher, but this desire disappeared during university studies and I decided to learn about the real world myself first and then maybe "show" it to children sometime later. In the meantime, I worked on many interesting projects and also created a few of them myself (,
Thanks to my children and the maternity-leave world, I'd re-discovered the long ago forgotten inner source - the creative one, full of ideas and freedom where I could do anything I wanted.

How was Kidedu invented? "It all started with an endless struggle around dressing and brushing teeth at home. Then all the questions piled up: What are we going to do today, when are we going on the trip, etc. I've tried to help children visualize the activities with pictures and drawings. And it worked perfectly! So we started the creative process and a few weeks later, the first Kidedu My Day set was born. Max looked so important during the planning of his day that my husband and I were amazed at the child's desire to manage everything alone. ”

The game was co-created with a number of great and creative people.

How did it happen? I had the idea, found the right people from the Czech Republic, and Kidedu was born.

I prefer non-toxic and ecological materials. That's why the wood is with no surface finish, simply pleasant oak stand, bags are from coloured cotton with OekoTex certificate and cards are printed cardboard.

No plastic, metals and often redoubted magnets. Not made in China. Nothing to swallow or get cut with.

Kidedu simply smells of wood and love.  ❤️

Bára Křístková

illustrated cards

Dana Polášková - Zašívárna

sews Kidedu bags

Woodseason Pavel Stuchlík

makes Kidedu stands

Lubomír Mik

photographed the game and children

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